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29.04.2015 EDAIC Part 1 - last call
Dear Candidates,

As we want to avoid problems with the registration of the residents as much as possible, we would like to remind you that the application deadline is today.

Additionally, as you may remember from previous communication, each candidate registering individually for the EDAIC Part I or ITA has to first create a user profile on the ESA website and this profile then needs to be processed by ESA staff before they can actually access the Part I registration form, and this process takes several hours. This means that candidates who try to apply this evening will not be able to register and the last candidates that will be able to register will be the ones who will have created an ESA website user profile within the next couple of hours.

Thank you very much for understanding and we hope all the residents concerned will have been able to register successfully.

Kind regards,
EDAIC Examinations Coordinator